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- The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway ( - ) Type of Work: Symbolic drama Setting North Coast of Cuba; early twentieth century Principal Characters Santiago, an old, weathered fisherman Manolin, a boy, Santiago's young fishing companion The Marlin, a gigantic fish Story Overveiw Eighty-four days had passed since Santiago, the old fisherman, had caught a fish, and he was forced to.

Fast Fish Facts: All fish have a backbone. All fish are cold-blooded. There are three classes of fish: jawless, cartilaginous, and bony.

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Fish have been around for million years. There are about 25, different species of fish alive today. There are about 20, different species of bony fish alive today.

For more information about the Endangered and Nongame Species Program or to report a sighting of endangered or threatened wildlife, contact the Endangered and Nongame Species, NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, Mail CodePO BoxTrenton, NJ For example, the ocean wrasse and certain fish.

Thanks to the cleaner wrasse, fish stay healthy. The wrasse cleans particles of food from fish's teeth, gills, and skin/5(2). All fish species listed for Alabama belong to three families of the class of ray-finned fishes.

Water-quality degradation has reduced the range of most of these fish, and development, sewage pollution, strip-mining, and poor land-management practices have caused extirpation of many populations.

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