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Luke Howard

The complete volume is available from our Digital Library & Archive. How did the clouds get their names? The story of Luke Howard and his interest in the weather with a modern day student's weather journals added in.

(Grades: ) Call number: QCH68 H36 How did the clouds get their names? The story of Luke Howard and his interest in the weather with a modern day student's weather journals added in. This website is a culmination of articles and user comments that discuss evidence of God based on Science, Philosophy, and Experience.

The 10 basic categories were first agreed by the Cloud Committee of the International Meteorological Conference in and published as the International Cloud Atlas. Their classifications were based on the pioneering work of Luke Howard (), an English Quaker and pharmacist, who published his Essay on the Modification of Clouds in Whipped into fantastical shapes, these clouds hang over the darkening landscape like the harbingers of a mighty storm.

But despite their stunning and frequent appearances, the formations have yet. The Luke Howard Collection contains six letters written and signed by fans of Howard’s edition of “Essays on the Modification of Clouds.” Many are written to Howard’s sons.

Luke howard essay clouds
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