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Longshore drift

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Long shore drift is the movement of sand and sediment along a beach in a particular direction due to the movement of swash (a turbulent layer of water that washes up on the beach after an incoming wave has broken - Wikipedia), backwash carrying the sand in a "saw tooth" motion.

3 The longshore current in the left panel flows from left to right. Draw arrows in the two panels representing the direction of the respective longsgore currents.

4 If the wave cresets approaching the same shoreline from deep water were parallel to the shore. The pile up of water along the shore causes longshore currents that flow parallel to the beach inside the breaker zone.

The water in the longshore current returns seaward as rip currents. The spacing between rip currents is usually.

Longshore drift from longshore current is a geological process that consists of the transportation of sediments (clay, silt, sand and shingle) along a coast parallel to the shoreline, which is dependent on oblique incoming wind direction.

Oblique incoming wind squeezes water along the coast, and so generates a water current which moves parallel to the coast. Long shore current is a function of the angle of wave approach.

For example, if the waves approach the shoreline from the south, long shore current moves from south to north Although, long shore current and the resulting transport of sediment is only one of the dynamic processes that constantly alter the shoreline.

This process is called longshore drift and is generated by wave and current action. Water and sediment are transported in a zig-zag pattern as waves and currents approach the shoreline at an angle.

This zig-zag pattern is the mechanism for sediment transport as the swash is immediately followed by the backwash to the ocean.

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