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Stonehenge was not only, many other sites of similar age or older are linked to Stonehenge. There was the Cursus, and Woodhenge. Cursus “meaning Course in Latin” has similar features, which shows that Stonehenge was not by accident.

The twelfth-century English writer and historian, Geoffrey of Monmouth, first recorded Merlin's building of Stonehenge in his famous book History of the Kings of Britain.


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Essays on stonehenge

Stonehenge Research paper for ARC History of Architecture I Valencia Community College summer semester, Summarry: Stonehenge catches my attention because of the mystery that it has to it. Clouds of mystery have surrounded one stone structure, situated in the center of an English plain, for several hundred years.

Stonehenge - A View from the Moment

Stonehenge, located on Salisbury Plain near the River Avon in south-central England, is the ruin of what is believed to be a single building, constructed almost four .

Essays on stonehenge
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